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12 Months - 18 Months
Our goal in the Toddler 1 Room is to provide a safe, positive, challenging environment where toddlers can develop a sense of self and mastery.
Educational/Intellectual:  The development of language skills is encouraged by providing language experiences through a variety of mediums.  This will include daily exposure to books, story tapes, songs, etc. that provide opportunities to learn about and use language.  Toddlers are be included in our Wiggles & Tunes program and will also be taught how to communicate through sign language.  Various art forms are incorporated into weekly activities to provide exposure to different colors, shapes, and textures.  Our caregivers understand that Toddlers need a learning environment in which they may freely test and explore, and will set the scene to include minimal reasons to say no.  Interfering by caregivers will only take place when necessary.
Social:  Through the continual interactions with caregivers and other Toddlers, each child learns how to adapt socially to the world around them.  Caregivers provide opportunities for each child to learn the rules and expectations for social interactions.  The Caregivers encourage and facilitate sharing as well as allowing ample opportunities for independent play.  The children are encouraged to “use their words” to solve problems and conflicts and to express their feelings.
Cultural:  The development of a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity is facilitated and taught through various mediums such as books, magazines, language experiences and discussions about families.  Children are encouraged to develop an awareness of the differing and changing world around them and their place in it.
Emotional:  Daily social interaction provides opportunities for Toddlers to develop their language and social skills.  Caregivers model and encourage appropriate responses and outlets for various emotions, teaching that no emotion is inappropriate, only some responses.  Caregivers also demonstrate an interest in and respect for each child.
Physical/Recreational:  As a Toddler’s world expands, so does the need for teaching him/her the importance of safety.  Age-appropriate play equipment will be provided inside and fenced-in areas outside.  A quiet time for napping/resting is provided daily.  Opportunities for the development of fine and gross motor skills is facilitated through activities such as art projects, outdoor play, indoor movement games, etc.  Toddlers are taught that it is important to play safely.  This concept is be emphasized by staff for all children.
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