Dorien's CDC & Preschool       - "Where Learning Through Play Takes Place."
4 - 5 Years
The Preschool Programs at Dorien's CDC & Preschool prepares children for more formal learning by providing a series of hands-on activities.  The learning environment encourages children to develop the necessary skills for success in school.
Educational/Intellectual:  Our teachers facilitate cognitive language development through exposure to literature, drawing and speaking in front of a group.  Various mediums include books, tapes, magazines, newspapers and songs; and  encourage the use of spoken and written language.  The children participate in our Wiggles & Tunes program and  also be taught how to communicate through sign language and Spanish.  Various art forms are incorporated into weekly themes to provide creative outlets for all children, and to introduce such pre-academic concepts as shapes, colors, numbers, letters, etc.  Learning centers  are provided to allow children to make choices about what they wish to pursue and explore.  Teachers encourage and model the proper use of language and provide opportunities for self-expression and success.
Social:  Through daily interaction with teachers and peers, children  learn how to adapt socially to the world around them.  Teachers encourage sharing with others and  also provide opportunities for independent play.  By modeling and encouraging appropriate behavior, teachers  help children learn to use language to solve problems, resolve conflicts and express their feelings.  Teachers reinforce positive behaviors and offer opportunities for each child to be successful.  Teachers provide small group activities to allow and encourage children to interact with other children in a constructive manner.
Cultural:  The development of a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity  be facilitated and taught through mediums such as books, magazines, music, newspapers, etc.  Older preschoolers take field trips to allow children to learn about their diverse community.  Weekly themes provide opportunities for children to learn about different customs and holidays.  Language experiences and special visitors  help children to learn and adapt to the changing world around them.
Emotional:  Daily social interaction provide opportunities for preschoolers to develop their language and social skills.  Teachers model appropriate responses and outlets for various emotions, while teaching that all emotions are “okay.”  Teachers  show an interest in and respect for each child.  Each preschooler’s individual rate of growth  be respected, and teachers  provide opportunities for each child to express his or her uniqueness within the group.
Physical/Recreational:  Opportunities are provided for active indoor and outdoor play, as well as dramatic play.  Age-appropriate play equipment are used for the development of large motor skills and coordination.  Activities are also be provided to aid in the development of fine motor skills.  Nap/rest time are provided daily.  Teachers model and emphasize safety so children  learn the importance of safe play.
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