Dorien's CDC & Preschool       - "Where Learning Through Play Takes Place."
6 Years - 12 Years
Our school age program and staff  provide a caring, learning environment in which school age children  are nurtured and motivated to develop their skills.  They are respected as a unique group, taking into account their experiences at school and their age.
Educational/Intellectual:  Our teachers facilitate cognitive language development through exposure to literature, drawing and speaking in front of a group.  Various mediums include books, tapes, magazines, newspapers and songs.  Children are encouraged to use spoken and written language.  The use of sign language is also encouraged.  Activities and/or learning centers  be provided as opportunities for hands-on learning. Centers may include Reading, Writing, Listening, Science, Social Studies, Arts/Crafts and Math.  Activities are developed to enrich and augment what the children are learning at school.  Children  are provided with time and space, as well as assistance to do their homework.
Social:  Through daily interaction with teachers and peers, children  continue to learn how to adapt socially to the world around them.  Teachers encourage cooperative, group play but  also provide opportunities for independent play.  Teachers show an interest in and respect for all children.  By modeling and encouraging appropriate behavior, teachers help children master language as a means of solving problems, resolving conflicts and expressing emotions.
Cultural:  The development of a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity  be facilitated and taught through mediums such as books, magazines, music, newspapers, etc. 
Classroom themes  provide opportunities for children learn about different customs and holidays.  Teachers encourage the children to develop a sense of cultural awareness and their role in their community and world.
Emotional:  Daily social interaction provides opportunities for children to develop their language and social skills.  Each child’s individual rate of growth and learning are respected, and children  be given opportunities to experience success.  Teachers  model appropriate responses and outlets for various emotions, while teaching that all emotions are “okay.” 
Physical/Recreational:  Opportunities are provided for active indoor and outdoor play, using safe, age-appropriate equipment to develop large motor skills and coordination.  Safety is taught and emphasized by teachers to be learned by all children. 
Summer Camp
Help Your Child Stay Strong — Mind And Body — All Summer
Even when the school year ends, children continue to learn, grow and develop at Dorien's CDC & Preschool. But not only does Dorien's CDC keep offering our educational child care during the months of June, July and August, we provide it in tandem with scheduling that can fit the needs and wants of your family all Summer long.
Our Summer camp program — Adventures in the Sun — is constructed to supply care in a secure environment, but to also keep children involved, interested and entertained. It’s education made fun and something both you and your child will love this Summer.
6–12 Years*
This Summer, school-age children will benefit from our new school-readiness programs. With teacher support, they’ll be immersed in workbook-based activities that focus on math, science and literacy, as well as participate in fun, specialized sessions in:
  • Art
  • Sport
  • Nature
  • Music
  • Animals
  • Cooking
  • Drama
These sessions may also include special guests and field trips to further the development and retention of new skills and knowledge.*
Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour. There, you can chat with your School Director about all of our great programs and development opportunities, including the FUN awaiting your child in the Dorien's CDC & Preschool Adventures in the Sun Summer camp program.
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