Dorien's CDC & Preschool       - "Where Learning Through Play Takes Place."
Dorien's believes that each child's education is the result of a strong home and school partnership. Therefore, teachers consult regularly with parents/guardians about their children's education through parent conferences and/or home visits. Dorien's CDC & Preschool welcomes parents/guardians to occasionally participate in the classroom and teachers will provide strategies and ideas for materials to use at home to reinforce classroom experiences.

Dorien's CDC & Preschool well-designed curriculum is age-appropriate, research-based, and considers the development of the whole child. It includes domains such as language/literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies, while also focusing on children's social and emotional skills, and health and physical development. Most importantly, however, it's curricula are fun and engaging with educational materials developed specifically for eighteen months to five-year-old children.
Dorien's CDC & Preschool curriculum is Adventures for Toddlers and Adventures in Learning. This curriculum has been used for years in Headstarts and public schools. It is a proven and successful product and according to the teachers of previous graduates, it meets the goals listed above.
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