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The primary goal of Dorien's CDC & Preschool early childhood mental health program is to provide a center-based program that meets the social and emotional needs of birth to 13 year old children and their families.
Over the past several years, social-emotional issues associated with children have become more evident nation-wide, including Arkansas. Expulsions from child care and school due to behavioral problems have been increasing, and extensive research demonstrates that the lack of appropriate attention adversely affects the misbehaving child as well as all of the other children in the class. These studies also indicate that timely interventions convey a lifetime of benefits to the child, family and community. The stakes are high in providing effective social-emotional services early in life.
Armed with this additional knowledge, Dorien's CDC & Preschool staff is provided professional training and technical assistance to integrate the training into their classroom settings and address specific behavioral issues.
Early Learning
Every child deserves the opportunity to be successful in school and life. At Dorien's CDC & Preschool we provide specialized care for children who are unsuccessful in traditional child care settings.
Our staff is able to help vulnerable children learn to cope, communicate and develop relationships. These skills are critical to a child's development.
Children need a stable environment and the opportunity to learn. Parents need a safe place with caring staff, resources and support are available while they focus on maintaining and rebuilding the family. 
Foundation Classroooms
Was your child asked to leave preschool or school because of behavior problems? In our classrooms we can help your child grow and develop healthy life skills by creating a unique network of support between children, teachers, parents and our on-site counselors.
Child Care Consultation
At Dorien's CDC & Preschool we offer free screenings for children from birth through age 12. They are quick check-ups to make sure your child is developing appropriately.  Following the check-up if  additional assistance if  needed an individualized plan is developed to get your child back on track.
Many parents wait until their children enter school to have them screened. That is too late. By then, a lot of learning may have already been missed. In fact, 90% of brain development occurs early in life.
Call today and make an appointment for your child’s screening.  All screening services are free, so don’t wait.
*Speech Therapy
*Developmental Therapy
*Behavioral Therapy
*Physical Therapy
*Occupational Therapy
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